Erotic Hypnosis

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What is Erotic Hypnosis?

Erotic hypnosis is the practice of hypnosis in sexual context for recreational and experimental purposes.

There are a wide variety of erotic applications using hypnosis. The two most popular are reducing inhibitions and conditioning for pleasure.


About this site: This website is largely intended to be a platform for me to just jolt down my thoughts or incoherent babbling if you prefer. Despite the domain being named you’ll find that I’m open to writing pretty much anything at all relating to hypnosis. The site became active at the start of 2013. Beyond the pending addition of an induction video that conditions you to learn to go into deep trance and elicit generic pleasure states I don’t really have any plans besides this site functioning as kind of a blog. I’ve added a “leave a message” widget on the left panel that will deliver to my inbox as I would love to hear from the influx of visitors that I see visiting this site judging by the map counter. 


The odd script.

“Imagine everything to be real. Imagine right now my voice inside your mind relaxing your thoughts completely as they begin drifting away while you continue to hear my voice inside your mind relaxing you. Everyone experiences what we call hypnosis differently. All you need to know is that you can continue to relax deeply as you hear my voice… inside your mind… relaxing your thoughts.

Imagine yourself coming home from the freezing cold winter night… imagine sitting in front of the crackling fireplace. You are wrapped in a soft cotton blanket feeling warm, comfortable, and relaxed.

As you sit there imagining yourself happy and relaxed… I want you to just imagine a type of pleasure… a type of pleasure you love to feel… and just thinking about it… you crave to feel it again and again. Imagine that pleasure becoming even stronger… imagine laying down now… that warm relaxation flowing all throughout every cell and every fiber of your body. Mind and body relaxing completely now.

You know that right beside us now are the flames dancing merrily away. You can hear my voice whispering… softly… in your ear… inside your mind. And your eyes may find themselves starting to blink… becoming heavy. Hear the sound of my voice inside your mind… guiding you deeper and deeper.

As you continue relaxing deeply, each and every word I say becomes more hypnotic… taking you even deeper… because you know… each and every time you’re hypnotized by me you go deeper and become more open to all the wonderful sensations your mind can experience as you hear the voice of my voice drifting, fading in and out, guiding you deeper into wonderful relaxation. And your life becomes better… as you open yourself up to all the wonderful changes you can discover new things that excite you, please you, and fulfill that irresistible craving to be the best that you can be in order to love the life that you live. You can feel more confidence and self respect as you pursue your dreams and passions, and my voice will guide your unconscious to make all the changes that you desire so that you can let go and change your life for the better forever.

Each and every word I say will only guide you deeper and deeper, realize that within you now there exist an ocean of tremendous potential simply waiting to be freed. My voice penetrates deep inside your mind into areas of your mind you never realized existed. All of your unconscious, all those parts of your mind outside your awareness, becomes absolutely focused, absolutely on my breath, absolutely fascinated by my voice, my words, and my sheer presence.

And you go deeper. Understanding that there is no such since as depth but instead you become more absorbed, in the moment, by my voice. My words fascinating you, captivating you, and guiding you deeper and deeper. Each and every time deeper and deeper. Each time I hypnotize you, you can go so deep, into that wonderful place of perfect relaxation, perfect safety and comfort at the sound of my voice changes your beliefs and behaviors, giving you wonderful sensations, and in the process changing your life for the better forever.

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The nature of hypnosis is erotic in itself because the subject opens up and becomes vulnerable to the suggestions and commands of the hypnotist.  The following are topics of interest (under development)

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